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What should my next step be? 

What to do?  What to do? 

One group is pushing _ encouraging me to produce an LP.  While another group wants me to focus on my art and do multiple exhibitions.  I will publish a new children's book next year.  

I have never really marketed any of my works.  I simply do what I enjoy.  The sales I make are the result of word of mouth and people that stumble across my site.  

Others think I should take my work "more seriously".  Although, I feel that I definitely take what I do seriously, they mean I should…

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How to Get Out of a Creative SLUMP 

10 Ways to Overcome a Creative Slump

It happens, even to the best of us!  Creative Block is a real thing.  I'd first like to say, it's okay.  Don't be afraid of it.  Sometimes we need a mental and/or physical break.  Our minds tire just as our bodies do.  Sometimes our lack of creative thought is a message from our mind's eye that we need a mental break.  Listen to it.  The first step to getting out of this slump is to step away and relax your mind. 

So, how long should you step away from your creative…

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If I Ruled the World 

The world itself is a beautiful and wondrous place_ the skies, waters, and lands.  It is the human life which dwells here that sometimes makes it unsightly. 

If I ruled the world, I would change the character of people.  All people would be compassionate.  They would go beyond tolerance to truly caring about their fellow man.  Each man, woman, and child would see when another is suffering, give aid, and show mercy.  Every person would be treated with respect, honor, and loyalty. 

Having this new, gentler…

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New Books  



The past few months have been very busy.  I have published the second addition of my first children’s book and written a second.  Both are inspired by and written for my grandchildren.  Some of the best stories come from real life.  And we all know how entertaining young children can be.  They are naturally and effortlessly the center of attention whenever they are in the room.  I love my grands.