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What should my next step be? 

What to do?  What to do? 

One group is pushing _ encouraging me to produce an LP.  While another group wants me to focus on my art and do multiple exhibitions.  I will publish a new children's book next year.  

I have never really marketed any of my works.  I simply do what I enjoy.  The sales I make are the result of word of mouth and people that stumble across my site.  

Others think I should take my work "more seriously".  Although, I feel that I definitely take what I do seriously, they mean I should…

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If you can’t think of anything kind, you aren’t thinking hard enough 

The 40 day challenge has been going really well. I must admit, I was concerned about doing some act of kindness e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y for 40 days in a row, but I have been something every day. I used the planning calendar and tips from the Positive in Purpose website and was able to easily come up with something to do for all but eight days. Today, I still have four days that don’t have a designated act of kindness written in, but I am not concerned. If you are around others, there will always be an opportunity…

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Primed and Ready 

I am ready to begin the Caring and Kindness 40 day challenge!  My planning calendar is almost full; only a few more dates to fill-in. I can’t wait to see what others are doing and hope I get some new ideas. Join me in showing caring and kindness to others.

It’s not too late to Register.

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Friends, Family & Smiles 

I am thankful for time I am able to spend with friends and family.  Thankful for each smile that comes my way and for the ability to reciprocate.