Mixed media and color blending are big parts of my art process.

I love texture, experimenting with multiple mediums, and mixing paints to

watch how they work together.


Originals and fine art prints are available in the Art Store.

Want to see how a painting will look on your wall?  Use the Live Preview AR (Augmented Reality) tool in the Art Store to do just that.  

Here's how:

1.  Open the store on your smart phone or tablet. 

2.  Choose the artwork you'd like to preview.

3.  Click "Live Preview AR "

4.  Your camera will open and you'll see the artwork superimposed on the wall you are pointing your camera to.  You may have to tell your device to allow camera use.  It is best to stand 10-12 feet from the wall and face it straight on.

5.  Change the position of the artwork and the wall you want it on by moving your phone.

6.  Change the size of the artwork using the dropdown box.

Have fun trying different pictures until you find the perfect one!