Mixed media and texture are a central part of my art. 

"I love working with multiple mediums and trying new thing."


Please browse the different categories of artwork in my portfolio BELOW as well as Photography Prints and Other Art Merchandise.

Portfolio of Works


Here you will find representations of flowers and fauna in a variety of painting styles and mediums.


Geometric Design

This collection is filled with clean lines, texture, and geometric shapes. Some pieces are balanced while others are asymmetrical and include illusory elements. 


These pieces are not sold as prints.  Only the originals (usually canvas) are sold.



This collection includes fairies, mermaids, and other entities from realms beyond our own.   Fun and fantasy!

Acrylic Pours

Part experimental, part intentional, Acrylic Pours are beautiful and intricate.  The color separations and cells almost move and bring life to the work.



Is it real or is it not?  Does it even represent a reality?  It is an exploration of colors, textures, and forms.




Portraits and the human form are not my regular wheel house, but I thought I'd experiment with hair and skin tones.  Here are the results.



The Landscape collection includes a variety of art techniques and mediums.  Most are completely intuitive.  Although created with no particular location in mind, there may be influences from memories of the many wonderful places I've been fortunate to visit.