I opened my eyes this morning to see the sitting area in the corner at the foot of my bed.  Yes, this is usually where my eyes wander each morning when awakening, but what I saw this morning is not normally what I see.  With long term house guests in my home, I'd moved many "things" into my bedroom that wouldn't normally be there, and I could no longer sit in the sitting area.  I could bearly fit to walk past it, but thanks to Jill Marie of Groundworks, I saw calmness and a domain for relaxing contemplation.  Lack of physical clutter really does unencumber you on many levels.  Thank you Jill.

From the kitchen I can see my mudroom/laundry area.  I would usually have the doors closed that reveal the washer and dryer but kept the doors open last night.  I'm sure I'll close them again, but for now I just want to marvel at the neatness and extra space on the shelves.  Jill would ask me questions like, "In what part of the house do you usually use this item?"  Then, she'd actually find a space for it in that area. 

Jill is thorough, full of energy, and a complete joy to be around.   In addition to organization, she is a certified Yoga instructor available for private Yoga or meditation classes.  You can get more information at

"Be the change you want to see in the world." --Gandi