If I Ruled the World

The world itself is a beautiful and wondrous place_ the skies, waters, and lands.  It is the human life which dwells here that sometimes makes it unsightly. 

If I ruled the world, I would change the character of people.  All people would be compassionate.  They would go beyond tolerance to truly caring about their fellow man.  Each man, woman, and child would see when another is suffering, give aid, and show mercy.  Every person would be treated with respect, honor, and loyalty. 

Having this new, gentler, and compassionate personality will make everyday interactions easier and more enjoyable.  Things will be peaceful because we only want the best environment for ourselves [all people].  There will be no hunger, no homelessness, and no taking advantage of another.  After all, both the giver and the receiver are of high moral and ethical fiber in this new world. 

This change won’t take long at all under my magical rule.  With just a wave of my arms, the change will take place and smiles will erupt upon the faces of all.

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