Temples and Monuments of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Agra

Jain Temple, Mumbai 

Jains strive to develop spiritually to a level that will allow them to escape the cycle of rebirth.  If your level of spiritual development is great enough, you can join other liberated souls in the highest level of heaven.  If not, you are destined to be reborn in another physical form.  Depending on your karma or level of spiritual development, this rebirth might come after suffering punishment in one of eight hells.

Daga Dusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Pune

Qutab Minar, Delhi 

Built in 1193 to celebrate the Muslim victory over the last Hindu king, this tower stands 73 meters tall.  The first three stories are made of sandstone and the highest two stories are marble.

Sikh Temple, Delhi 

The Sikh worship one God.  They believe in practical living, service to humanity, tolerance, and love for all.  This temple prepares food and serves free lunch to thousands of people each day.